1955 Ford Panel

1955 Ford Panel painted in Indigo Blue, Miura Green and Mahle White.

Changes in body: floor adapted for use of truck wheels with low profile tires with aluminum screws and air valves, fuel tank cap, grille changed for 56 model, customized tail lights, visual shaved: front and rear bumpers, windbreaks, door handles, emblems and windshield wipers, front air ventilation opening, hood of the engine with internal structure.

Interior: wooden floor in the back, door panels, single seat, smoothed dashboard  in two color shades, carpeted front, buckle seatbelt, air ducts, ignition key and aluminum steering column.

Mechanics: Cobra 347 engine, intake manifold with 4 Webers carburetors, alternator and brake master cylinder in white metal, double fuel tank, electrical wiring, fuel and brake line, customized exhaust, disc brakes, lowered suspension.

Aluminum engine parts: pulleys, distributor, oil dipstick, oil sump plug (crankshaft), screws on the valve covers, water and fuel hoses connections, T-shaped carburetor supply, radiator cap, propeller, return spring and carburetor drive rods, ignition coils.



Source: http://cs.scaleautomag.com/SCACS/forums/thread/981356.aspx

Erwin Bauer Zsolt Baumgartner Elie Bayol Don Beauman Karl Gunther Bechem

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