1963 Chevy Biscayne 2 door Sedan WIP

I am starting a new WIP of the 63 Chevy Biscayne. As I mentioned near the end of the 70 Dodge Challenger build, this is the car that I drove to college for 4 years while commuting from home.  My father bought it for me from a widow whose husband had drove it but it had spent a couple of years in her garage after her husband's death.  I don't know how he knew her but I do know that dad was an excellent ballroom dancer, and in fact, I did see him dance with lovely woman about his age! I didn't stay long at the dance as there were too many "old people" having fun!  Didn't make the connection at the time but I'm pretty certain it was her car!

It was an excellent commuter and I drove it about 15 miles each way to school, in addition to all the other running around that a young man does – dates, dances, night clubs, etc. It was laurel green so I have purchased that paint from MCW along with the resin transkit for the Revell 63 Chevy.

My car had a 283 automatic so I borrowed the engine from the 1964 Revell kit which is a 327 automatic.  It has a smaller width and height than the 350 that is supplied in 63 Revell kit (left below), plus it is an automatic. I also have some extra parts from the Revell 55 Chevy to supply the fuel pump, distributor and coil that were either missing or I have already borrowed from the 64 Chevy kit.  I think I'll have to find a larger starter as this one looks a little small for the block.  So the process begins on the engine and chassis while I wait for the transkit!  Thanks for looking! Cool

Source: http://cs.scaleautomag.com/SCACS/forums/thread/978551.aspx

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