’65 Lincoln Station Wagon. Finished Pics

Some of the early pics of this build are in Builder's Corner and I also put some in Lowriders,but I think it also qualifies as a custom….

I was tempted to do the open top version, but as I couldn't find many other examples of the kit being built like this, I decided to give the wagon a bash.

Not an easy build. But despite burning me out a bit and taking ages to finish, I enjoyed it.

The roof was a bit of a challenge. I used the sun visors to act as gussets to reinforce the roof where it met the top of the windshield. The roof was a bit warped, but progressive use of superglue held it in place nicely. The chassis had a twist in it, too. But it's a repro of an old kit, so it goes with the territory.

Amps and speakers come from Scale Dreams. Detail Master distributor. Pegasus wheels. Paint is custom mixed rattle can. Detail Master flocking for the carpet.

I discovered that polishing the BMF with a Silver Cloth, brings up a very high shine.





I hope you like it.

Source: http://cs.scaleautomag.com/SCACS/forums/thread/980501.aspx

Bob Bondurant Felice Bonetto Jo Bonnier Roberto Bonomi Juan Manuel Bordeu

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