’30 Ford hemi coupe WIP

I guess it's about time to start a build thread on this one. I've been fiddling with mockups for a while now, and the chop was done about a year ago!

It's a Monogram '30 reissue on Revell deuce rails. The body is 1/24 and the frame 1/25…it mostly works. The mill will be a DeSoto Firedome from the AMT '53 Ford PU. Wheels will probably be steelies from the Revell '32 5-window kit, or artillery wheels from the Revell '37 Ford PU. Front axle is '31 Woody for now, but the track seems really wide, so I might switch to a modified AMT '40 Ford piece. Wheel backing plates will be Basic Builder '32, which resemble the '40 ford parts I'd prefer. Rearend is a ford 9" from a Corvette Street Machine kit. I may not bother with the hood, especially if the carbs etc. stick up too far.

The tires are probably going to be '37 ford PU on the front and old cleated 'n grooved rears from a Chrysler Imperial (I think). The rear tires were received in a swap with user Ericmac (Thanks!) I just saw a pic of the Orange Crate front tires, which have a matching cleated sidewall, so I might try to get my hands on a pair of those.

The front crossmember has been moved forward to increase engine/fan clearance, and the rear crossmember replaced with a model A piece. The wheels are slightly too small for the rear tires, so I might have to wrap them with a styrene strip or something. Somewhat unrealistic, but at least they'll fit.

I'm going for 1957-ish as a time period for the build, back when the hemi might still have been competitive. Trans will be either a '57 corvette unit, or a B&M hydro from the Cadillac parts pack. The B&M might be a little late for the build, and I don't have a proper bellhousing to connect it to the hemi, so it might have to be the corvette trans (which I think is a borg-warner 4-speed). Thanks to Acegarageguy for good advice regarding appropriate parts for the era.

Also, part of the reason why I have not completed many models in the last year is that instead of building in plastic,  I actually built a version of this model on the computer, as a modification for the video game Grand Theft Auto 4 on PC. Some of the details differ (muncie, bleed-swept frame, etc) but the basics will be similar–just more appropriate to 1957 or so.  Plus, I can change the color to check out potential colors for the plastic version!

More pics to come as the build gets figured out…please ignore the freaky angle on the engine block.



Source: http://cs.scaleautomag.com/SCACS/forums/thread/979386.aspx

Tony Brise Chris Bristow Peter Broeker Tony Brooks Alan Brown

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