55 chevy with modern running gear

heres my newest project, kit bashing this 1955 chevy cameo
AMT 1/25 '55 Chevy Cameo

With this revell 99 silverado






Revell Trucks '99 Chevy Silverado Custom Pickup Model Building Kit (Blue)

then i will build an open car trailer to haul this!

which i have already built, the master plan is to use the 99's drivetrain, suspension and tires on the 55's chassis with the 55 body, i have cut the front section of the 55's frame off where the motor is and the same with the 99, i glued the 99's front clip to the 55's to get the mounts for my motor, suspension and so fourth, i have cut the 99's trans tunnel out and am brain stroming ways to get the tranny under the 55 interior without having to use the tunel but i am prepared to do so, wish me luck, comments welocme good or bad
Thanks for looking dart

Source: http://cs.scaleautomag.com/SCACS/forums/thread/977140.aspx

Jose Dolhem Martin Donnelly Carlo Abate George Abecassis Kenny Acheson

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