1953 Studebaker w.i.p

I decided that well . . . . I'm gonna bend my own rule about not posting a wip until I have more of the "p". Mainly that's because of how well yesterday's paint job turned out, plus my enthusiasm is at a pretty high level right now. I haven't built one of these kits since I was a kid, and I did about a zillion of them back then in all sorts of ways, except one – bone stock.
So I picked Ivory Mist and Maui Blue for the colors, and the paint turned out great. So while it cures I can work on the rest, yet I still have a desire to tinker with the outcome a bit, so I thought I'd ask.
Should I do it 100% Factory Stock, or use the Caddy V8 from the Revell '49 Merc kit and make a Studillac out of it? Studillac info here:

Any ideas?

                                                                                       sfd Smile, Wink & Grin

Source: http://cs.scaleautomag.com/SCACS/forums/thread/971726.aspx

Dave Charlton Pedro Matos Chaves Bill Cheesbourg Eddie Cheever Andrea Chiesa

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