Audi Urban E-Tron Concept

A few days ago, a mysterious Audi prototype was spotted in Berlin decked in camouflage, leading to the proverbial question as to what kind of car it was. Fortunately, the mystery didn’t last long.

The German automaker has released the first details of its new Urban E-Tron Concept that will be gracing us with its presence at the coming Frankfurt Motor Show. It took a while for Audi to release all the information of the Urban E-Tron Concept, but thankfully, did so just in time for the opening of Frankfurt, complete with all the performance numbers that might not tickle the fancies of those looking for some speed to go with the cool city car concept.

Whatever we still lack in details, we’ll be sure to find out all we need to know about the car when the Frankfurt Motor Show opens its doors tomorrow. For now, we have enough information on our hands so take a real good look at them after the jump.

Audi Urban E-Tron Concept originally appeared on on Monday, 12 September 2011 11:00 EST.

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