Lindberg 1966 Chevelle

Hi all,

Here are a few pics of the Chevelle I completed a few months ago. It's the first Lindberg kit I've built and I built it pretty much out of the box with the exception of wheels and tires. The tires are parts box items and the Cragar mags are from the AMT '66 Nova kit. The engine and chassis are detailed with wires, hoses and lines and the interior is "carpeted" with flocking. The paint is Testors Lacquer System Black Cherry Pearl over their primer and cleared with the Clear from that system as well. The scripts and emblems are photo-etched pieces from Model Car Garage. I did have some trouble putting the chassis and body together and had to disassemble a few of the pieces in the engine compartment even though I assembled it according to the instructions. I also had to remove at least 1/8th inch from the rear of the front fender wells to get the chassis to go up into the body. The front still sits a bit high even though I used smaller diameter tires and reworked the front spindles to get the slight "rake" I like.

I'm nevertheless pleased with the way it turned out and I hope you all enjoy viewing the pics. Comments, as usual, both positive or negative all always welcomed.

Barry Fadden


Duane Carter Eugenio Castellotti Johnny Cecotto Andrea de Cesaris Francois Cevert

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